Monday, January 11, 2016

Deadly Police Raid on Marijuana Growhouse


Deadly Police Raid on Marijuana Growhouse Surveillance video shows the Police Raid July 31, 2012 shooting of Miami-Dade Police Officer John Saavedra and the shooting death of a growhouse suspect. Video courtesy Miami-Dade Police Department.y
Miami-Dade Police say they found 80 pounds of marijuana worth $90,000 at the suspected grow house near Coral Way and Southwest 60th Court.

The video shows Gerard Delgado firing at Saavedra and an F.B.I. special agent and other officers. Saavedra returned fire and continued to do so, even as he lay wounded on the ground. He also said Estevanell stomped on him as he was on the ground.

Saavedra was able to drag himself across a street and call a dispatcher.

Delgado was shot and killed. Estevanell was taken into custody and charged with 2nd degree murder because of the death of Delgado, the attempted murder of a police officer, possession of cocaine and trafficking in marijuana.
Police Raid

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