Monday, July 18, 2016

How one man started a profitable cannabis farm

American entrepreneur Brian Stroh started up his business after the state of Washington ruled cannabis legal

 Now his company, Cannaman Farms, sells in over 12 stores across the state with a variety of different herbs on the market. Brian says: "We're a boutique grower. We're not looking for scale. "When this was passed in the state of Washington it was a no brainer for me. I knew it was something I could do. "I knew it could be profitable, interesting and exciting." When discussing his role in the weed world Brian spoke plainly: "I had gotten out of the mortgage, finance, and insurance industry two years prior. "I knew there would be a lot of people who would shy away from [growing cannabis] because of the stigma that it had. "I've always been the kind of personality where I really don't care. If the state wants to issue me a license and its legal then that's good enough for me." He works closely with enthusiastic botanist, Shane Wahl, who had his own reasons for getting involved. The weed gardener said: "I got into farming marijuana when my mother was on a bunch of drugs that were prescribed by doctors. "Because of the cocktail of drugs she was on it was stopping her liver and digestive system from working properly. "She was getting vastly overweight, diabetes had set in and it was really bad. "We started smoking weed and it made her happy and mobile and I started talking about growing medicinal weed." But Shane isn't just interested in the getting-high side of things – he truly loves plants. "Agriculture is a passion of mine," he added. "Anybody can just throw a nutrient on a plant and watch it grow. It's about building a relationship with these plants. "And understanding that they're going to heal people – even on the recreational side." Shane has high hopes for the future of Cinnamon farms, he said: "I want to have three highs out there on the market. "I want to have something that will make you get up and do something. Your morning weed. "Afternoon weed to get you through the day and your night night weed to put your to bed at night." And owner Brian put out a plea to straight-laced folks trying to block or dismiss the legalisation: "This is already happening in your county. "It's just illegal and it's not being taxed. If you want to regulate it, tax it and test it and do things of that nature then let's move forward with it. "Otherwise, you're just burying your head in the sand." Cannaman farms offer Superskunk, Northern Lights, Greasy Papaya, Kali Mist, AK47 and a whole host of other types of weed. Cannabis is still illegal in the United Kingdom and is considered a Class B drug a sentence of 28 days is given to anyone caught in possession three times or above


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