Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tommy Chong cannabis economy

 Tommy Chong cannabis economy all buds are Chong-approved

Tommy Chong cannabis
I know You remember the 78-year-old counterculture icon as the bearded one of the stoner comedy duo Cheech and Chong. In his decades-long career, he's become synonymous with cannabis. In the best of times, he was accepting a Best Comedy Album Grammy for the pair's 1973 album "Los Cochinos." In the worst of times, he was jailed for sending bongs across state lines. Today things are different. Tommy Chong is a lifestyle brand. His company Chong's Choice puts its stamp on pot paraphernalia like THC-infused breath strips, prerolled blunts, oil, and of course, marijuana flowers. The selling point All buds are Chong-approved. "We're having a really good time at least I am testing the different products and seeing the industry grow, no pun intended,"get it?" Chong says he's glad to be done with all the "bogus stuff" he used to deal with. Not to mention, being aboveboard is very good business these days. Case in point: SmokEmojis, Chong's own set of celebrity-inspired emojis. His ultimate goal, aside from advocating about pot, is to make sure it takes only a tap to get your friends together for a toke. Emojis, for the most part, can be very cheerful signs. That's how we communicated before we had the written word. Pot's gotten a lot more mainstream. In fact, you've got a lot of folks in suits investing in it If the demand gets that great, then big business, because we're talking volume. It's like holding an event for 200-300 people. That's easy to do. But an event for 100,000 people then you have to go to big business. You have to have the parking; you have to have the staff to support that type of crowd. It's the same thing as growing marijuana. It'll be big business with a different look. Up until now, the legal money raised from cannabis was usually forfeiture and fines, and penalties laid on by governments and the police. Most of the money, if not all the money, went into prosecuting and investigating more pot crimes [instead of going into the economy]. It's a substance that people use for all types of reasons. It's going to be the No. 1 legal cash crop in the world. It's going to outshine wheat. I can safely say this is going to be the product that will economically save the world places like Michigan. You can turn Hazel Park [Michigan] into one complete grow room and there you're providing employment, you're providing product for the locals as well as exporting, and you're not harming the environment like a lot of the factories did.

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