Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cannabis treatment for your best friend

CBD cannabis treatment 

Cannabis treatment

It might sound a bit new age, bearing in mind that people are still getting their heads around using CBD as a mainstream anxiety reliever for humans, but Love Hemp aren’t alone in believing that CBD can benefit animals.

Dr. Robert Silver, vet and author of the book ‘Medical Marijuana and Your Pet’, claims that the extract can help reduce pets’ anxiety around stressful occasions like Bonfire Night, as well as treating a variety of conditions like epilepsy.

‘In my experience, for those dogs with uncomplicated epilepsy, the hemp extract will often work better than pharmaceuticals,’ he says.

‘I also have several oncologists in a study group with the extract and they have found that CBD can help to stop the seizures and twitches that can come with brain tumors.’

The product was developed, Love Hemp say after they were inundated with requests from owners looking for cheaper, natural alternative to traditional veterinary treatments.

‘There are plenty of documented cases in the US where CBD has been more effective than the strong drugs that are typically prescribed,’ Dr. Silver goes on to say.

‘Pain relief is a huge area and for those pets with arthritis, hip dysplasia or sore joints, we are finding that the use of hemp relieves their pain and gets them mobile again.’

He also says that canine anxiety is one of the main areas where CBD could have an impact.

‘A CBD supplement can curb these emotions in your dog and protect the animal against unnecessary stress.’

The Love Hemp oil can be bought either in the form of liquid drops or as atomizer sprays which can be consumed straight or mixed with food and drink.

It’s recommended that four drops are used per 1kg of body weight, two to three times a day.

And as you might imagine, it’s providing pretty popular with the dog-owning community.

If you can access cannabis you can make your own cannabis coconut oil I use on my dogs for pains, fleas and I have one that has problem pooping this regulates them my bigger dog 60Lb I give one teaspoon and my little guys 8 to 12Lb I give quarter of a teaspoon

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